Jul 11

Announcing our new 501(c)3 !

Our mission to Inspire and heal continues as we are thrilled to announce we have submitted our paperwork for a new 501(c)3 called “3 Paws Up!”

Our mission will be to ensure that all children will be able to receive our new book “Sophia the Bionic Cat” at no cost!! We are targeting our inspirational true story to those kids in critical care hospitals around the nation and even the world; so while they and their family fight their toughest battle to date, they will have a battle buddy right alongside them with our book and additional  surprises within the package they will be receiving from us!

Where does this inspiration come from? My nephew, Trevor, at the tender age of 2 was stricken with Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer where he would fight the hardest battle of his little life within critical care hospitals here in San Diego and Los Angeles. Sitting with my nephew in his quarantined hospital room one night, I looked around and felt the deepest misery; why isn’t there anything around him to give him Hope?

Through innovative treatment, Trevor is now a teenager but that feeling of inspiring the most helpless stuck with me and that’s why I’ve created this non-profit. Is your child in critical care for an illness or injury?  Is your child at home struggling with a life altering event or what about are you struggling to explain to your child about your own life changing illness/injury? Are you a Veteran struggling to explain your “invisible wounds” or your prosthetics to your child?

As a combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Public Speaker- I know all to well the changes that engulf a transitioning Veteran and how difficult it is to explain the “new you” who’s come home. How do you explain to your family about your Post Traumatic Stress or Traumatic Brain Injury or even limb loss- then our new book is here to help you.  As an Aunt, I also understand how critical care stays can be the most frightening experiences; my goal is to inspire hope, through our true story.

So you see, whilst our focus is critical care, our heart’s purpose is to inspire conversation- the “How’s” and “what’s” are up to you.

We are currently accepting donations, send us an email and talk with us further about this innovative non-profit and help us give hope; one book at a time.


Karolyn Smith

2014 Veteran of the Year (71st Dist. of CA)

Wounded Veteran, Author, Speaker