HOLY CAT!!!! First of all my furneds, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! I hope you all had the most pawsome New Year's Eve and New Years Day everrrrrrr!!! Me and Sophia spent... read more →

Fox5 San Diego

Just a few more hours to go and me, Leo and mommy will be live in Studio with Fox5 San Diego!!! What are we going to talk have to... read more →

Our story airs on the Animal Planet

A few months ago, Jackson Galaxy came to the house and for 12 hours, learned, taped and explored our story. Last night our story aired; We thank everyone for allowing... read more →

Announcing our new 501(c)3 !

Our mission to Inspire and heal continues as we are thrilled to announce we have submitted our paperwork for a new 501(c)3 called "3 Paws Up!" Our mission will be... read more →