I came into this world a preemie, struggling from the start; born different and alone but destined to be a fighter. My umbilical cord was wrapped around my rear leg, I was to small to help myself, but I knew I had to try but the harder I tried the more pain I was in; sometimes pain is just weakness leaving the body. My name is Sophia.

I came into this world a curious young boy, with a bunch of brothers scooped up and brought into the Animal Shelter. I was hand picked out of all the new born kittens to be placed with Sophia, she was struggling after her amputation, she could barely keep her head up- she was so tiny. When the Kitten Angles placed me next to her, I felt her strength…her heartbeat and I gave her what little warmth my big fuzzy coat could give her; she needed it more than I. My name is Leonidas.

Our adopted mom enlisted in the US Army shortly after the events of 9/11 at the tender age of 29. She was a Pro/Am Velodrome cyclist who had her first shot at trying out for the Olympics in 1995, how pawsome is that!! After moving down-under to Australia ( AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!)  she tried to qualify for the US Olympics for Sydney for the 2000 Games, falling just short she was putting her paws together and refocusing her sites for Athens, then 9/11 came and mommy knew it was always her calling to Serve, like the long history of service in her family, she continued that and began my career as a Military Police Officer in the Army. She would be stationed in Germany and Deploy to Iraq at scary time in the Global War on terror (GWOT) in 2004 as a crew-serve machine gunner; something only a handful of women during that time would ever do. Mommy says that war teaches you a lot about compassion, strength, perseverance and innovation.

This blog will be me and Leonidas’ opportunity to share stories of compassion, strength, perseverance and innovation that we come across throughout our life journey.

Thank you for being here- #3pawsup


HOLY CAT!!!! First of all my furneds, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! I hope you all had the most pawsome New Year’s Eve and New Years Day everrrrrrr!!! Me and Sophia spent the morning snuggling (Did you see us on the #snugglecamm !) and then worked really hard playing, worked even harder laying in the sun and then took another nap…did some yoga and ate some more..got some belly rubs from mom then celebrated the New Year chasing the red dot on the ground that magically disappears …(sigh) We HAD to tell you about what happened for January 1, 2018 Our book, ‘Sophia the Bionic Cat’, was just endorsed by the American Dyslexia Association!! Click the image below to read the story on their page!!!!

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